Waste Match

Most organisations in the UK have surplus or redundant assets that could be put to good use internally, be traded with other organisations or used within the community.

Waste Match

Brings redundant resources back into use for the benefit of communities and the environment. Throughout the UK many organisations, companies and agencies have under-utilised and redundant equipment, furniture and resources.

By linking surpluses to requirements within the local area, we aim to build stronger community networks. Working with blue chip companies, local authorities, SME's and charities we match need with opportunities in the following ways through the Waste Match portal:

Internal Reuse

Waste Match provides a platform that provides clients with secure visibility of their surplus assets helping them reuse these assets internally. With our range of re-engineering and refurbishment services we can help our clients get the assets they need from the assets they already have.

Asset Match

Waste Match is a match making service for assets that organisations no longer need. Through the Waste Match portal we help clients trade their surpluses with their connected partners, reducing their costs, their carbon footprint and opening up access to a wide range of resources.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Building strong communities is at the heart of what we do. Waste Match works to ensure surplus resources find their way to projects, charities and schools in local areas where they can be put to best use.


Waste Match aims to bring redundant resources back into use for the benefit of communities and the environment.


Offering a holistic approach to the issue of surplus assets, we can help with internal reuse / re-engineering of surplus assets and local reuse through charities.

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No two projects are ever the same. But usually there are other organisations locally undertaking similar projects. Your surplus asset may be the missing piece of someone else's puzzle.